Gear and Safety

Safety comes first!!!

What is necessary to have with you :

Helmet, boots, Body protectors (knee, elbow, chest protectors) Googles and  gloves,  Jacket – Rain Jacket, Camel back or back pack (You need to be hydrated during all the ride).

Do not forget that your gear fits well, can be worn in layers and can be carried with you on the bike.
Please note that is not possible to participate without  protective gear!!!

Keep in mind that we ride all year no matter what the weather conditions are so be prepared and have proper gear with you.

We can offer a complete off- road footwear and clothing after contact with us.
Riders are responsible for their own life, medical and travel insurance!


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Driving license

All EU Drivers must hold a valid category A license (motorcycle category) for at least 12 months and be at least 21 years old.