I agree that I am fully aware of the perils and fully accept responsibility for all risks entailed with motorcycle riding and I further agree that on tours with ” EnduroGreece Touring Company” risks or dangers can’t be excluded, even with the highest diligence of ” EnduroGreece Touring Company”. There are additional dangers and risks, including the following:


The danger of a damage caused by the negligence or incompetence of other riders and their failure to control their motorcycle as well as the incapability of riding a motorcycle off road, sometimes even in heavy terrain, as there is a high possibility of damage or accident.


The danger related to or arising from range exercises, natural or manmade conditions, wildlife, domestic animals, , vehicular traffic, injury or death from falling, hitting manmade or natural obstacles such as trees or rocks, getting lost and being exposed to the elements.


There are trails of scaled difficulty from areas that are consisted of deep canyons and narrow passes, sharp rocks, trees, holes and indentations, walls and relics and further, to hazardous soil, which may be difficult to spot at once.


Communication is difficult in some areas especially in rocky or mountain areas so contact could be lost for short periods of time.


The weather conditions can be extreme or change quickly and radically and sometimes may be unpredictable.


The dangers under these riding conditions are part of the tours in” Enduro -Greece Touring Company.


If  the Client cause the motorbike to be retained or embargoed, all costs will be payable by the Client, including any losses to the Company whilst the motorbike is immobilized.


All fines, judicial costs, etc., derived from any form of traffic infraction or other, which are against the motorbike, the Company or the Client, and caused by the Client during the period of this contract, will be payable by the Client except when caused by the Company.


I clearly understand, acknowledge and accept that if I am injured or incapacitated during the ride, it may be difficult or impossible to get required medical attention or transportation to me in time to avoid physical injury or even death.

I accept all these dangers and risks on the tours with and particularly the risk of injury, demise, damage or loss of property.

Any liability of ” EnduroGreece Touring Company” or the tour guides is excluded for material damage or damage to others, if caused by myself, except if these damages are covered by the liability insurance prescribed by the regulations. In any case, the scope of the claim is limited at the extent of the insurance cover in the precise case.

I accept in any case to not to prosecute “EnduroGreece Touring Company” or the tour guides and staff.

It’s solely my duty to certify, that I have the necessary background, skills and ability on an adequate level to manage the trails and routes following the tour guides. I am cognizant of the specific dangers and risks on the tours and I participate on my own risk.

I agree to wear and use full personal protective equipment during riding.

I further agree to abide by all rules and instructions given to me verbally or in writing by the “EnduroGreece Touring Company” representatives. I knowingly assume full responsibility for the consequences, good or bad, of attempting any training activity, including but not limited to riding, drills, maneuvers, trail rides or test of any sort.

I agree to provide sufficient insurance to cover any potential property damage or bodily harm that I may cause to myself or others and promise to maintain such insurance throughout my stay.


The liability of ” EnduroGreece Touring Company” and their partners and staff on behalf of damages which I may sustain during the tour is limited on the package of the tour price, under the condition that the damage is caused.

It is further understood and agreed that I hereby expressly and irrevocably waive all legal, administrative or equitable causes of action of any sort against “Enduro Greece Touring Company ” I agree that such waiver binds myself and my family, and any all others who make claims on my behalf.


I hereby agreed that ” EnduroGreece Touring Company” may use my name and address as well as all photos, films and other images for marketing purposes, which is possible to be taken during the entire tour. I can revoke this agreement anytime in writing.


I agree to not operate any motorcycles or other equipment, fixed or movable, until I fully and completely understand all operational features and safety regulations and precautions.The motorbike must be in the same condition at the time of collection as it was at the time of delivery.

I further agree not to operate “Enduro Greece Touring Company” equipment if I am under the influence of alcohol, drugs or anything else that could impair my faculties and judgment.